To provide a forum for the employers of Pakistan to progress in the global society through decent work and better human resource management while keeping in view the corporate social responsibility.


Strive for Industrial Peace, Harmony, Poverty Reduction and Business Promotion and persue Policies and Legislation conducive to Investment, Economic Growth, Employment Generation, Decent Wages and keeping peace with socio-economic development of Country.

Protect and Promote Employers’ Interests through effective and meaningful participation in consultation at National and International Level and provide assistance and guidance to the members through effective communication.


  • Promote and protect, foster encourage and advance Interests of Employers at the National and International levels.
  • To develop business through increase in Quality Production, better Human Resource Management, Balanced Labour Management and Decent Work Environment.
  • Promote Good Relations and Unanimity amongst Employers on various issues.
  • To create awareness, sensitize employers and other stake holders for promoting Decent Work Country Programme.
  • Promote Co-operation, Harmony and Mutual Interests of Employers and their Employees through experienced and learned professionals.
  • Playing vital role in Employment Promotion in the Country.
  • Bridging the Communication gap between Employers and Government.