S.No Membership ID Member/Organization Name City Industry
1 EFP—00585 CCL Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Pharmaceutical
2 EFP—00587 Dewan Farooque Motors Limited Karachi Manufacturing
3 EFP—00597 Hub Power Co Limited Karachi Energy
4 EFP—00601 Schneider Electric Pakistan Karachi Manufacturing
5 EFP—00602 Mehtab Industries Limited Sahiwal Food and Beverages
6 EFP—00613 Venus Pakistan Karachi Manufacturing
7 EFP—00617 Summit Bank. Karachi Service
8 EFP—00621 Pakistan Battery Manufacturing Co. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
9 EFP—00623 HRSG Outsourcing (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
10 EFP—00626 Waqas Furnishers Sahiwal Service
11 EFP—00631 Technology Links (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi Service
12 EFP—00718 House of Habib Karachi Service
13 EFP-1950-1-00001 Brigstocke Eduljee & Company Karachi Service
14 EFP-1950-2-00002 James Finlay Plc. Karachi Service
15 EFP-1950-3-00003 Johnson & Phillips (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Service
16 EFP-1954-1-00004 J & P Coats Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
17 EFP-1954-2-00005 ICI Pakistan Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
18 EFP-1955-1-00006 Unilever Pakistan Limited Karachi Service
19 EFP-1956-1-00007 Berger Paints Pakistan Limited Karachi Chemical
20 EFP-1956-2-00008 Pfizer Pakistan Ltd Karachi Pharmaceutical
21 EFP-1957-1-00009 Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited Karachi Textile
22 EFP-1957-2-00010 Premier Insurance Limited Karachi Service
23 EFP-1958-1-00011 Habib Bank Limited Karachi Service
24 EFP-1962-1-00012 Citibank N,A., Karachi Service
25 EFP-1962-2-00013 Philips Electrical Industries of Pakistan Limited Karachi Manufacturing
26 EFP-1963-1-00014 Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
27 EFP-1963-2-00015 National Bank of Pakistan (Head Office) Karachi Service
28 EFP-1964-1-00016 Bata Pakistan Limited Lahore Textile
29 EFP-1964-2-00017 Rafhan Maize Products Co Limited Faisalabad Food and Beverages
30 EFP-1965-1-00018 Pakarab Fertilizers Multan Limited Multan Chemical
31 EFP-1966-1-00019 H. Nizam Din & Sons (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
32 EFP-1968-1-00020 Futehally Chemicals (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
33 EFP-1968-2-00021 Habib ADM Limited Karachi Manufacturing
34 EFP-1968-3-00022 Johnson & Johnson Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
35 EFP-1968-4-00023 National Refinery Limited Karachi Energy
36 EFP-1969-1-00024 SANOFI Aventis Pharma Pakistan Limited Karachi Chemical
37 EFP-1969-2-00025 Katrak & Company Karachi Food and Beverages
38 EFP-1969-3-00026 Kohinoor Chemical Co. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
39 EFP-1969-4-00027 Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited Karachi Manufacturing
40 EFP-1970-1-00028 Adamjee Engineering (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
41 EFP-1970-2-00029 Al Noor Sugar Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
42 EFP-1970-3-00030 Jubilee General Insurance Co. Limited Karachi Service
43 EFP-1971-1-00031 GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
44 EFP-1971-2-00032 Cornpak Limited Karachi Textile
45 EFP-1972-1-00033 Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan Karachi Service
46 EFP-1973-1-00034 Crescent Star Insurance Company Limited Karachi Service
47 EFP-1973-2-00035 Ittehad Chemicals Limited Lahore Manufacturing
48 EFP-1973-3-00036 Karachi Port Trust Karachi Manufacturing
49 EFP-1974-1-00037 Javedan Cement Limited Karachi Manufacturing
50 EFP-1974-2-00038 International Brands (Pvt.) Limited (IBL) Karachi Service
51 EFP-1974-3-00039 Helix Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
52 EFP-1974-4-00040 Peoples Steel Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
53 EFP-1974-5-00041 Pak Grease Manufacturing Co. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
54 EFP-1974-6-00042 Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
55 EFP-1975-1-00043 Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
56 EFP-1975-2-00044 Muslim Commercial Bank Limited Lahore Service
57 EFP-1977-1-00045 General Tyre & Rubber Co. of Pakistan Limited Karachi Chemical
58 EFP-1979-1-00046 Atlas Engineering Limited Karachi Chemical
59 EFP-1979-2-00047 Pakistan Mineral Develop. Corp. (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Chemical
60 EFP-1979-3-00048 Pakistan Oil fields Limited Rawalpindi Energy
61 EFP-1980-1-00049 Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
62 EFP-1980-2-00050 Martin Dow Marker Ltd Karachi Pharmaceutical
63 EFP-1980-3-00051 Shell Pakistan Limited Karachi Energy
64 EFP-1980-4-00624 Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Karachi Association
65 EFP-1981-1-00052 Delta Shipping (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
66 EFP-1981-2-00053 Hashwani Hotels Limited Islamabad Service
67 EFP-1981-3-00054 Pakistan Engineering Company Limited Lahore Manufacturing
68 EFP-1981-4-00055 Qadri Foundry (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
69 EFP-1981-5-00056 Union Fabrics (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
70 EFP-1981-6-00057 Kodak Limited (Pakistan) Karachi Service
71 EFP-1981-7-00058 Sui Southern Gas Co. Limited Karachi Energy
72 EFP-1981-8-00059 Karachi Marriott Hotel Karachi Service
73 EFP-1981-9-00060 Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Lahore Energy
74 EFP-1982-1-00061 Automobile Corporation of Pakistan Karachi Textile
75 EFP-1982-2-00062 English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
76 EFP-1982-3-00063 EPLA Laboratories (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
77 EFP-1982-4-00064 Pemcon (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
78 EFP-1982-5-00065 Park Davis & Company Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
79 EFP-1982-6-00066 Wyeth Pakistan Ltd Karachi Textile
80 EFP-1983-10-00076 Muller & Philipps Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
81 EFP-1983-1-00067 Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited (Formerly Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Energy
82 EFP-1983-11-00607 Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Karachi Service
83 EFP-1983-2-00068 Chevron Pakistan Lubricants (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
84 EFP-1983-3-00069 Attock Cement Pakistan Limited Karachi Manufacturing
85 EFP-1983-4-00070 Geofman Pharmaceuticals Karachi Pharmaceutical
86 EFP-1983-5-00071 Iqbal Silk Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
87 EFP-1983-6-00072 The Searle Company Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
88 EFP-1983-7-00073 Rauf Textile & Printing Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
89 EFP-1983-8-00074 Thatta Cement Company Limited Thatta Manufacturing
90 EFP-1983-9-00075 Karachi Dock Labour Board Karachi Service
91 EFP-1984-10-00086 Orient Advertising (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
92 EFP-1984-1-00077 Agriauto Industries Limited Karachi Manufacturing
93 EFP-1984-11-00087 KSB Pumps Company Limited Lahore Manufacturing
94 EFP-1984-12-00088 Millat Tractors Limited Lahore Manufacturing
95 EFP-1984-13-00089 Nagaria Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
96 EFP-1984-14-00627 Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Islamabad Association
97 EFP-1984-2-00078 Avari Towers Karachi Service
98 EFP-1984-3-00079 Baluchistan Wheels Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
99 EFP-1984-4-00080 Climax Engineering Co. Limited Gujranwala Manufacturing
100 EFP-1984-5-00081 Crescent Boards Limited Faisalabad Service
101 EFP-1984-6-00082 Dadabhoy Cement Industries Limited Karachi Manufacturing
102 EFP-1984-7-00083 Fuji Film Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
103 EFP-1984-8-00084 International Tank Terminals Limited Karachi Service
104 EFP-1984-9-00085 Pioneer Cables Limited Karachi Manufacturing
105 EFP-1985-10-00099 Grays Of Cambridge (Pakistan) Limited Sialkot Textile
106 EFP-1985-1-00090 Al Ghazi Tractors Limited Karachi Manufacturing
107 EFP-1985-11-00100 Grind Wheel (Pak) Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
108 EFP-1985-12-00101 Haroon Oils Limited Karachi Energy
109 EFP-1985-13-00102 IBM Italia S.P.A Karachi Service
110 EFP-1985-14-00103 Hinopak Motors Limited Karachi Manufacturing
111 EFP-1985-15-00104 Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation Karachi Manufacturing
112 EFP-1985-16-00105 Naubahar Bottling Co. (Pvt.) Limited Gujranwala Manufacturing
113 EFP-1985-17-00106 Service Industries Limited Lahore Rubber, Plastic and Leather
114 EFP-1985-18-00107 Union Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
115 EFP-1985-19-00108 Treet Corporation Limited Lahore Manufacturing
116 EFP-1985-20-00109 Organon Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
117 EFP-1985-2-00091 Alsons Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
118 EFP-1985-21-00110 Loads Limited Karachi Manufacturing
119 EFP-1985-3-00092 Atlas Honda Limited Karachi Manufacturing
120 EFP-1985-4-00093 Cherat Cement Company Limited Karachi Manufacturing
121 EFP-1985-5-00094 Bayer Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
122 EFP-1985-6-00095 Essity Pakistan Ltd Karachi Pharmaceutical
123 EFP-1985-7-00096 Collapsible Tube Co. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
124 EFP-1985-8-00097 Descon Engineering Limited Karachi Manufacturing
125 EFP-1985-9-00098 Dewan Cement Limited Karachi Manufacturing
126 EFP-1986-10-00120 Thal Engineering Karachi Manufacturing
127 EFP-1986-1-00111 Aga Khan University & Hospital Karachi Service
128 EFP-1986-11-00121 Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited Lahore Food and Beverages
129 EFP-1986-12-00122 W. Woodward Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
130 EFP-1986-13-00123 State Engineering Corp. (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Manufacturing
131 EFP-1986-14-00124 ZIL Limited Karachi Chemical
132 EFP-1986-15-00125 Kohinoor Soap & Detergents (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
133 EFP-1986-2-00112 Buxly Paints Limited Karachi Chemical
134 EFP-1986-3-00113 Chenab Group Lahore Textile
135 EFP-1986-4-00114 Efroze Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
136 EFP-1986-5-00115 Habib Brothers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
137 EFP-1986-6-00116 Heavy Mechanical Complex (Pvt.) Limited Rawalpindi Manufacturing
138 EFP-1986-7-00117 Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
139 EFP-1986-8-00118 Phoenix Armour (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
140 EFP-1986-9-00119 Shaheen Airport Services Karachi Service
141 EFP-1987-10-00135 Pakglas (Private) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
142 EFP-1987-1-00126 Chub Insurance Limited Karachi Service
143 EFP-1987-11-00136 Pakistan International Computers Limited Karachi Manufacturing
144 EFP-1987-12-00137 Nawab Brothers Steel Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
145 EFP-1987-13-00138 Roche Pakistan Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
146 EFP-1987-14-00139 Thal Limited (Pakistan Papersack Corporation Limited) Karachi Service
147 EFP-1987-15-00140 Mehran Sugar Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
148 EFP-1987-16-00141 Medipak Limited Lahore Pharmaceutical
149 EFP-1987-17-00142 Holiday Inn Islamabad Hotel Islamabad Service
150 EFP-1987-2-00127 Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan Karachi Service
151 EFP-1987-3-00128 Baluchistan Engineering Works Limited Lesbella Manufacturing
152 EFP-1987-4-00129 Archroma Pakistan Ltd Karachi Chemical
153 EFP-1987-5-00130 DYL Motorcycles Limited Karachi Manufacturing
154 EFP-1987-6-00131 Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited Faisalabad Manufacturing
155 EFP-1987-7-00132 Habib Oil Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
156 EFP-1987-8-00133 IBRAHIM FIBRES LIMITED Faisalabad Textile
157 EFP-1987-9-00134 Pakistan Gum Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
158 EFP-1988-10-00152 Kohinoor Battery Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
159 EFP-1988-1-00143 Allied Precision Engineering Products (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
160 EFP-1988-11-00153 ATV/Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Co Limited Islamabad Service
161 EFP-1988-12-00154 TCS (Private) Limited Karachi Service
162 EFP-1988-2-00144 Dynea Pakistan Limited Karachi Chemical
163 EFP-1988-3-00145 Darbar Soap Works (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
164 EFP-1988-4-00146 Gillette Pakistan Limited Karachi Manufacturing
165 EFP-1988-5-00147 Noon Sugar Mills Limited Sargodah Manufacturing
166 EFP-1988-6-00148 Shahsons (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
167 EFP-1988-7-00149 Sindh Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
168 EFP-1988-8-00150 Swat Ceramics Co. (Pvt.) Limited Nowshera Manufacturing
169 EFP-1988-9-00151 Syngenta Pakistan Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
170 EFP-1989-10-00164 Mitchell’s Fruit Farms (Pvt.) Limited Okara Food and Beverages
171 EFP-1989-1-00155 Aftab & Associates Karachi Service
172 EFP-1989-11-00165 MIMA Leather (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
173 EFP-1989-2-00156 Al Karam Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
174 EFP-1989-3-00157 Allco Transfer Printers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
175 EFP-1989-4-00158 Alpha Insurance Company Limited Karachi Service
176 EFP-1989-5-00159 Ferozsons Laboratories Limited Lahore Pharmaceutical
177 EFP-1989-6-00160 Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
178 EFP-1989-7-00161 Roomi Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
179 EFP-1989-8-00162 Sindh Abadgar’s Sugar Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
180 EFP-1989-9-00163 Sitara Chemical Industries Limited Faisalabad Chemical
181 EFP-1990-10-00175 Nishat Mills Limited Lahore Textile
182 EFP-1990-1-00166 Agritech Limited Lahore Chemical
183 EFP-1990-11-00598 Pakistan Readymade Garments Mfg & Exporters Association (PRGMEA) Karachi Association
184 EFP-1990-12-00603 All Pakistan Textile Mills Association Karachi Association
185 EFP-1990-2-00167 Highnoon Laboratories Limited Lahore Pharmaceutical
186 EFP-1990-3-00168 Indus Motor Company Limited Karachi Manufacturing
187 EFP-1990-4-00169 Spencer & Co (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
188 EFP-1990-5-00170 Tourism Promotion Services (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Service
189 EFP-1990-6-00171 Tapal Tea (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
190 EFP-1990-7-00172 Marine Services (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
191 EFP-1990-8-00173 WPP Marketing Communication Karachi Service
192 EFP-1990-9-00174 Ittefaq Sugar Mills Limited Sahiwal Manufacturing
193 EFP-1991-10-00185 Universal Insurance Company Limited Lahore Service
194 EFP-1991-1-00176 Adamjee Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
195 EFP-1991-11-00186 Otsuka Pakistan Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
196 EFP-1991-12-00187 Fishermen’s Co-Operative Society Limited Karachi Association
197 EFP-1991-13-00188 S. J. & G. Fazul Ellahie (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
198 EFP-1991-14-00189 Jehangir Services (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
199 EFP-1991-15-00190 Landhi Engineering Works (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
200 EFP-1991-16-00191 Matiari Sugar Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
201 EFP-1991-17-00192 National Foods (Pvt) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
202 EFP-1991-18-00193 Nowshera Sheet Glass Industries Nowshera Manufacturing
203 EFP-1991-19-00194 Nabiqasim Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
204 EFP-1991-20-00195 Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi Service
205 EFP-1991-2-00177 Atlas Battery Limited Karachi Manufacturing
206 EFP-1991-3-00178 APL Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
207 EFP-1991-4-00179 Ghandhara Industries Limited Karachi Manufacturing
208 EFP-1991-5-00180 ISIS Pharmaceutical and Chemical Works (Karka) Karachi Pharmaceutical
209 EFP-1991-6-00181 International Industries Limited Karachi Manufacturing
210 EFP-1991-7-00182 Hilton Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
211 EFP-1991-8-00183 Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Limited Karachi Manufacturing
212 EFP-1991-9-00184 Siza International (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Pharmaceutical
213 EFP-1992-10-00205 Karachi Pharmaceutical Laboratories Karachi Pharmaceutical
214 EFP-1992-1-00196 Al Ameen Trading Corp. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
215 EFP-1992-11-00206 Kings Textile Industries Limited Karachi Textile
216 EFP-1992-12-00207 Mehran Bottlers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
217 EFP-1992-13-00208 Imperial Electric Company (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
218 EFP-1992-2-00197 ATCO Laboratories Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
219 EFP-1992-3-00198 Atlas Rubber & Plastic Industry (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
220 EFP-1992-4-00199 Allied Marketing (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Service
221 EFP-1992-5-00200 ELKO Organisation (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
222 EFP-1992-6-00201 Pak Leather Crafts Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
223 EFP-1992-7-00202 Speedy Automation Karachi Manufacturing
224 EFP-1992-8-00203 Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
225 EFP-1992-9-00204 Tata Textile Mills Limited Karachi Textile
226 EFP-1993-10-00218 Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan Karachi Service
227 EFP-1993-1-00209 Aga Khan Health Service Pakistan Karachi Service
228 EFP-1993-11-00219 Pakistan Beverage Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
229 EFP-1993-12-00220 Pioneer Cement Limited Lahore Manufacturing
230 EFP-1993-13-00221 State Petroleum Refining & Petochemical Corp. Limited (PERAC) Karachi Energy
231 EFP-1993-14-00222 SGS Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
232 EFP-1993-15-00223 Syed Bhais (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
233 EFP-1993-16-00224 Pakistan Stevedores’ Conference (Guarantee) Limited Karachi Service
234 EFP-1993-17-00225 Kohat Cement Company Limited NWFP Manufacturing
235 EFP-1993-18-00226 Bonanza Garment Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
236 EFP-1993-19-00227 Nestle Pakistan Limited Lahore Food and Beverages
237 EFP-1993-2-00210 Al Abbas Sugar Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
238 EFP-1993-3-00211 Chas A. Mendoza Karachi Pharmaceutical
239 EFP-1993-4-00212 Bannu Woollen Mills Limited Karachi Textile
240 EFP-1993-5-00213 Bolan Mining Enterprises Quetta Manufacturing
241 EFP-1993-6-00214 BP Pakistan Exploration & Production Inc Karachi Energy
242 EFP-1993-7-00215 Fecto Sugar Mills Limited Dayar Khan Manufacturing
243 EFP-1993-8-00216 First Women Bank Limited Karachi Service
244 EFP-1993-9-00217 International Foundation & Garm. Pak (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
245 EFP-1994-10-00237 Pak Elektron Limited Lahore Manufacturing
246 EFP-1994-1-00228 Ali Gohar & Co. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
247 EFP-1994-11-00238 Procter & Gamble Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
248 EFP-1994-12-00239 OBS Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited (Formerly MSD Pakistan Limited) Karachi Pharmaceutical
249 EFP-1994-13-00240 Khawaja Tanneries (Pvt.) Limited Multan Rubber, Plastic and Leather
250 EFP-1994-14-00241 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Pak Limited Karachi Service
251 EFP-1994-15-00242 Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Limited Karachi Service
252 EFP-1994-16-00243 Wah Nobel (Pvt.) Limited Wah Cantt Manufacturing
253 EFP-1994-17-00244 Atlas Bank Limited Karachi Service
254 EFP-1994-2-00229 Amreli Steels Limited Karachi Manufacturing
255 EFP-1994-3-00230 Chic Garments (Star Denim) Karachi Textile
256 EFP-1994-4-00231 Dollar Industries Karachi Service
257 EFP-1994-5-00232 Dewan Automotive Engineering Limited Karachi Manufacturing
258 EFP-1994-6-00233 Crescent Steel & Allied Products Limited Karachi Manufacturing
259 EFP-1994-7-00234 Feroze 1888 Mills Limited Karachi Textile
260 EFP-1994-8-00235 Heavy Electrical Complex (Pvt.) Limited NWFP Manufacturing
261 EFP-1994-9-00236 Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
262 EFP-1995-10-00254 Syntron Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
263 EFP-1995-1-00245 Ali Akbar Spinning Mills Limited Lahore Textile
264 EFP-1995-11-00255 PCI Materials (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Textile
265 EFP-1995-12-00256 Metatex (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
266 EFP-1995-13-00257 M. M. Ispahani Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
267 EFP-1995-14-00258 Pakistan Oxygen Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
268 EFP-1995-15-00595 Pakistan Jute Mills Association Lahore Association
269 EFP-1995-16-00625 Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lasbela Association
270 EFP-1995-2-00246 Ashraf Industries (Pvt.) Limited Peshawar Textile
271 EFP-1995-3-00247 Alcatel Pakistan Limited Islamabad Manufacturing
272 EFP-1995-4-00248 Chashma Sugar Mills Limited NWFP Manufacturing
273 EFP-1995-5-00249 Cummins Sales & Service (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
274 EFP-1995-6-00250 FICO HI TECH (Pvt.) Limited Gujranwala Manufacturing
275 EFP-1995-7-00251 ICC Textiles Limited Lahore Textile
276 EFP-1995-8-00252 Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Food and Beverages
277 EFP-1995-9-00253 Pel Daewoo Electronics Limited Haripur Manufacturing
278 EFP-1996-10-00268 Pakistan Services Limited Islamabad Service
279 EFP-1996-1-00259 Bush Boake Allen Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Chemical
280 EFP-1996-2-00260 Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
281 EFP-1996-3-00261 Cirin Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Pharmaceutical
282 EFP-1996-4-00262 Getz Pharma Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
283 EFP-1996-5-00263 IFFCO Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
284 EFP-1996-6-00264 Qasim International Container Terminal Limited Karachi Service
285 EFP-1996-7-00265 Rousch (Pakistan) Power Limited Islamabad Energy
286 EFP-1996-8-00266 Seri Sugar Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
287 EFP-1996-9-00267 Lucky Cement Limited Karachi Manufacturing
288 EFP-1997-10-00278 Hotel Mehran Karachi Service
289 EFP-1997-1-00269 AGP Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
290 EFP-1997-11-00279 S. Zia-ul-Haq & Sons Group of Companies Karachi Service
291 EFP-1997-12-00280 Wackenhut Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
292 EFP-1997-13-00281 Akram Cotton Mills Limited Lahore Textile
293 EFP-1997-14-00282 N. S. Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
294 EFP-1997-15-00283 Nimir Chemicals Pakistan Limited Lahore Chemical
295 EFP-1997-16-00284 Pakistan Refinery Limited Karachi Energy
296 EFP-1997-17-00285 TNB Liberty Power Limited Islamabad Energy
297 EFP-1997-18-00614 Mahmood Ebrahim & Co. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
298 EFP-1997-2-00270 AGP Health Care (Pvt.) Limited (Formely Eli-Lilly-Gohar (Pvt) Limited) Karachi Service
299 EFP-1997-3-00271 Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
300 EFP-1997-4-00272 Behram Tehmuras Kakalia Karachi Service
301 EFP-1997-5-00273 Clariant Pakistan Limited Karachi Chemical
302 EFP-1997-6-00274 Crescent Bahuman Limited Lahore Textile
303 EFP-1997-7-00275 Gray Mackenzie Restaurants International Limited Karachi Service
304 EFP-1997-8-00276 Jaffer Brothers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
305 EFP-1997-9-00277 Hospital Supply Corporation Karachi Service
306 EFP-1998-10-00295 Ali Associates Karachi Service
307 EFP-1998-1-00286 Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited Karachi Service
308 EFP-1998-11-00296 Haleeb Foods Limited Lahore Food and Beverages
309 EFP-1998-12-00297 Souvenir Tobacco Company Limited Karachi Manufacturing
310 EFP-1998-13-00298 Kot Addu Power Company Limited Muzaffargarh Energy
311 EFP-1998-14-00299 Mari Petroleum Company Limited Islamabad Energy
312 EFP-1998-15-00300 MCR (Private) Limited Karachi Service
313 EFP-1998-16-00301 Shalimar Silk Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
314 EFP-1998-17-00302 Waves Singer Pakistan Limited Karachi Manufacturing
315 EFP-1998-18-00303 Pakistan Petroleum Limited Karachi Energy
316 EFP-1998-19-00304 Pakistan Cables Limited Karachi Manufacturing
317 EFP-1998-20-00305 United Carpets Limited Karachi Textile
318 EFP-1998-2-00287 Emirates Airlines Karachi Service
319 EFP-1998-21-00306 Exide Pakistan Limited (Chemical Division) Karachi Chemical
320 EFP-1998-22-00307 Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited Karachi Manufacturing
321 EFP-1998-23-00308 Malik Auto & Agricultural Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
322 EFP-1998-24-00596 Kraft Foods Pakistan (Formerly Cadbury Pakistan Limited) Baluchistan Food and Beverages
323 EFP-1998-25-00618 MGA Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
324 EFP-1998-26-00629 Engro Corporation Limited Karachi Manufacturing
325 EFP-1998-27-00616 Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Limited Karachi Manufacturing
326 EFP-1998-28-00615 Pakistan State Oil Company Limited Karachi Energy
327 EFP-1998-3-00288 Engineering Kinetics (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
328 EFP-1998-4-00289 Daudsons Industries (Pvt.) Limited Peshawar Manufacturing
329 EFP-1998-5-00290 International Cargo handling Co. (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
330 EFP-1998-6-00291 Pakistan Herald Publications (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
331 EFP-1998-7-00292 Pakistan Herald Limited Karachi Service
332 EFP-1998-8-00293 Platinum Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
333 EFP-1998-9-00294 Olympia Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Textile
334 EFP-1999-10-00318 Frontier Foundry (Pvt.) Limited Peshawar Manufacturing
335 EFP-1999-1-00309 Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
336 EFP-1999-11-00319 Fauji Foundation Pakistan Rawalpindi Chemical
337 EFP-1999-12-00320 Employees Old Age Benefits Institution Karachi Service
338 EFP-1999-13-00321 EFU General Insurance Limited Karachi Service
339 EFP-1999-14-00322 Novatex Limited Karachi Textile
340 EFP-1999-15-00323 Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt.) Ltd. (Formally National Insecticides Company (Pvt.) Limited) Karachi Chemical
341 EFP-1999-16-00324 Packages Limited Lahore Service
342 EFP-1999-17-00325 Kohinoor Mills Limited Kasur Textile
343 EFP-1999-18-00326 Maqbool Textile Mills Limited Multan Textile
344 EFP-1999-19-00327 Security Papers Limited Karachi Service
345 EFP-1999-20-00328 State Life Insurance Corp. of Pakistan Karachi Service
346 EFP-1999-2-00310 Adamjee Insurance Company Limited Karachi Service
347 EFP-1999-21-00329 Pak Arab Refinery Limited Karachi Energy
348 EFP-1999-22-00330 Standard Chartered Bank Karachi Service
349 EFP-1999-23-00331 K – Electric Limited Company Karachi Manufacturing
350 EFP-1999-24-00332 Wazir Ali Industries Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
351 EFP-1999-25-00620 S.I.T.E Association of Industry Karachi Association
352 EFP-1999-3-00311 Ayesha Woolen Mills Limited Lahore Textile
353 EFP-1999-4-00312 Cannon Foam Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
354 EFP-1999-5-00313 Bolan Castings Limited Karachi Manufacturing
355 EFP-1999-6-00314 Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited – FSD Faisalabad Food and Beverages
356 EFP-1999-7-00315 Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited Lahore Chemical
357 EFP-1999-8-00316 Dawood Lawrencepur Limited Karachi Textile
358 EFP-1999-9-00317 Attock Refinery Limited Rawalpindi Energy
359 EFP-2000-10-00342 Karachi International Container Terminal Limited Karachi Service
360 EFP-2000-1-00333 Amjad Ahsan Infotech (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
361 EFP-2000-11-00343 NTL (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
362 EFP-2000-12-00344 Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
363 EFP-2000-13-00345 Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Karachi Service
364 EFP-2000-14-00346 S. S. Polypropylene (Pvt.) Limited Peshawar Rubber, Plastic and Leather
365 EFP-2000-2-00334 Carlton Hotel Karachi Service
366 EFP-2000-3-00335 Balochistan Glass Limited Lesbella Manufacturing
367 EFP-2000-4-00336 Dadex Eternit Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
368 EFP-2000-5-00337 Exide Pakistan Limited Karachi Manufacturing
369 EFP-2000-6-00338 Engro Vopak Terminal Limited Karachi Service
370 EFP-2000-7-00339 Independent Newspapers Corporation (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
371 EFP-2000-8-00340 Rastgar Engineering Co (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Manufacturing
372 EFP-2000-9-00341 Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Lahore Service
373 EFP-2001-10-00356 Skyways Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
374 EFP-2001-1-00347 Al Murtaza Machinery Co (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
375 EFP-2001-11-00357 Saima Packaging (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
376 EFP-2001-12-00358 Samin Textiles Limited Lahore Textile
377 EFP-2001-13-00359 Synthetic Products Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Textile
378 EFP-2001-14-00360 National Construction Limited Islamabad Service
379 EFP-2001-15-00361 Pepsi Cola International (Pvt.) Limited Haripur Food and Beverages
380 EFP-2001-16-00362 Medipharm (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
381 EFP-2001-17-00363 Martin Dow Ltd Karachi Pharmaceutical
382 EFP-2001-18-00606 Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Indsutry Karachi Association
383 EFP-2001-2-00348 Aga Khan Rural Support Programme Islamabad Service
384 EFP-2001-3-00349 Distribution Services (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
385 EFP-2001-4-00350 Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited – GUJ Gujranwala Food and Beverages
386 EFP-2001-5-00351 D. G. Khan Cement Co Limited (Nishat Group) D. G. Khan Manufacturing
387 EFP-2001-6-00352 Fashionwear (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
388 EFP-2001-7-00353 Gelcaps Pakistan Limited Hub Pharmaceutical
389 EFP-2001-8-00354 Imperial Textile Mills Limited Muzaffargarh Textile
390 EFP-2001-9-00355 Sitara Chemical Industries Limited (Textile Division) Faisalabad Chemical
391 EFP-2002-10-00373 Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited – LHR Karachi Food and Beverages
392 EFP-2002-1-00364 ABB Recreations (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
393 EFP-2002-11-00374 Dewan Khalid Textile Mills Limited Karachi Textile
394 EFP-2002-12-00375 Forhan’s (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
395 EFP-2002-13-00376 Haidri Beverages (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Food and Beverages
396 EFP-2002-14-00377 Pakistan Lubricants (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
397 EFP-2002-15-00378 Royal Leather Industries Limited Lahore Rubber, Plastic and Leather
398 EFP-2002-16-00379 Uniferoz (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Pharmaceutical
399 EFP-2002-17-00380 Syntech Fibres (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
400 EFP-2002-18-00381 SICPA Inks Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
401 EFP-2002-19-00382 Shaheen Insurance Co Limited Karachi Service
402 EFP-2002-20-00383 Sitara Textile Industries Limited Faisalabad Textile
403 EFP-2002-2-00365 Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited Karachi Service
404 EFP-2002-21-00384 Travel Walji’s (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Service
405 EFP-2002-22-00385 Dewan Textile Mills Limited Karachi Textile
406 EFP-2002-23-00386 Interloop (Pvt.) Limited Faisalabad Textile
407 EFP-2002-24-00387 LOTTE Chemical Pakistan Ltd Karachi Chemical
408 EFP-2002-25-00590 The Sialkot Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Sialkot Association
409 EFP-2002-3-00366 Anwar Khawaja Industries (Pvt.) Limited Sialkot Rubber, Plastic and Leather
410 EFP-2002-4-00367 Al Munaf Corporation Karachi Textile
411 EFP-2002-5-00368 Century 21 Textiles & Sportswear (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
412 EFP-2002-6-00369 Dewan Mushtaq Textile Mills Limited Karachi Textile
413 EFP-2002-7-00370 Dewan Salman Fibre Limited Karachi Textile
414 EFP-2002-8-00371 Dewan Sugar Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
415 EFP-2002-9-00372 Decent Packages (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
416 EFP-2003-10-00397 Sami Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
417 EFP-2003-1-00388 ByCo Petroleum Pakistan Limited Karachi Energy
418 EFP-2003-11-00398 Total Oil Pakitan Pvt. Ltd. (Formely Total Atlas Lubricants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited) Karachi Energy
419 EFP-2003-2-00389 Greenstar Social Marketing Pakistan (Guarantee) Limited Karachi Service
420 EFP-2003-3-00390 International Power Global Development Limited Karachi Energy
421 EFP-2003-4-00391 Herbion Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
422 EFP-2003-5-00392 HMA Pumps (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
423 EFP-2003-6-00393 Pakistan Synthetics Limited Lesbella Textile
424 EFP-2003-7-00394 PharmEvo (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
425 EFP-2003-8-00395 Plum Saigols Qingqi Motors Limited Lahore Manufacturing
426 EFP-2003-9-00396 Shield Corporation Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
427 EFP-2004-10-00408 SME Leasing Limited Karachi Service
428 EFP-2004-1-00399 AuVitronics Limited Karachi Manufacturing
429 EFP-2004-11-00409 TOTAL PARCO (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Energy
430 EFP-2004-12-00410 National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Chemical
431 EFP-2004-13-00411 Nayyer Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Textile
432 EFP-2004-14-00412 Hasnain Tanweer Associates (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
433 EFP-2004-2-00400 Ali Embroidery Mills (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Textile
434 EFP-2004-3-00401 Asia Petroleum Limited Karachi Energy
435 EFP-2004-4-00402 Alucan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
436 EFP-2004-5-00403 Naurus (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
437 EFP-2004-6-00404 Entrepreneurship & Career Development Institute Karachi Service
438 EFP-2004-7-00405 IKEA Trading Hongkong (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
439 EFP-2004-8-00406 Progas Pakistan Limited Karachi Energy
440 EFP-2004-9-00407 Sefam (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Textile
441 EFP-2005-1-00413 Dalda Foods (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
442 EFP-2005-2-00414 Fareed Mahmood Ghani & Associates Karachi Service
443 EFP-2005-3-00415 Sysmax (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
444 EFP-2005-4-00416 Newports institute of Communications & Economics Karachi Service
445 EFP-2005-5-00417 Lakhra Coal Development Company Limited Karachi Energy
446 EFP-2005-6-00418 Lucky Textile Mills Limited Karachi Textile
447 EFP-2005-7-00419 Millat Industrial Products (Pvt.) Limited Kasur Manufacturing
448 EFP-2005-8-00610 Lotte Kolson (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
449 EFP-2006-1-00420 Jaguar (Pvt.) Limited Faisalabad Service
450 EFP-2006-2-00421 Golden Pumps (Pvt.) Limited Gujranwala Manufacturing
451 EFP-2006-3-00422 Institute of Business Management Karachi Service
452 EFP-2006-4-00423 Neo Nexus Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited. Karachi Pharmaceutical
453 EFP-2006-5-00424 Motorola Limited Islamabad Service
454 EFP-2006-6-00425 United Bank Limited Karachi Service
455 EFP-2006-7-00426 Mehmooda Maqbool Mills Limited Multan Food and Beverages
456 EFP-2006-8-00605 New Era Industries Karachi Manufacturing
457 EFP-2007-1-00427 AES Lal Pir (Pvt.) Limited Muzaffargarh Energy
458 EFP-2007-2-00428 Ali Akbar Group Lahore Manufacturing
459 EFP-2007-3-00429 Bunny’s Limited Lahore Food and Beverages
460 EFP-2007-4-00430 Dewan Foods (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
461 EFP-2007-5-00431 Pakistan International Container Terminal Limited Karachi Service
462 EFP-2007-6-00432 MAL Pakistan Limited Karachi Energy
463 EFP-2007-7-00628 Makro Habib Pakistan Limited Lahore Service
464 EFP-2008-1-00433 Coca Cola Export Corporation Lahore Food and Beverages
465 EFP-2008-2-00434 DDFC (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Energy
466 EFP-2008-3-00435 FICO Engineering Co. (Pvt.) Limited Gujranwala Manufacturing
467 EFP-2008-4-00436 General Engineering Industries Karachi Manufacturing
468 EFP-2008-5-00437 Insight HR & Management Consultants Karachi Service
469 EFP-2008-6-00438 Tri Pack Films Limited Karachi Service
470 EFP-2008-7-00439 Lum Engineering Karachi Manufacturing
471 EFP-2008-8-00440 Maple Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
472 EFP-2008-9-00441 Murree Brewery Co Limited Rawalpindi Food and Beverages
473 EFP-2009-10-00451 Sialkot Dry Port Trust (SDPT) Sialkot Service
474 EFP-2009-1-00442 Abu Dawood Trading Co. Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
475 EFP-2009-11-00452 Metrotex Industries Karachi Textile
476 EFP-2009-12-00453 Mianoor Textile Industreis (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
477 EFP-2009-2-00443 Access Consulting (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
478 EFP-2009-3-00444 Aziz & Co Consultants Karachi Service
479 EFP-2009-4-00445 CATCOS Inc. Karachi Service
480 EFP-2009-5-00446 Brookes Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
481 EFP-2009-6-00447 Excel Management & Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
482 EFP-2009-7-00448 Punjab Industrial Estates Development & Management Co. Lahore Service
483 EFP-2009-8-00449 Transworld Associates (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Service
484 EFP-2009-9-00450 Shan Foods (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
485 EFP-2010-10-00463 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Islamabad Service
486 EFP-2010-1-00454 Ashraf Ali & Sons Karachi Service
487 EFP-2010-11-00464 Qamar & Company Karachi Service
488 EFP-2010-12-00465 Shah Enterprises Karachi Service
489 EFP-2010-13-00466 Symbia (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Service
490 EFP-2010-14-00467 Trojans Pakistan Islamabad Manufacturing
491 EFP-2010-15-00468 Tesla Industries (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Energy
492 EFP-2010-16-00469 Thermosole Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Rubber, Plastic and Leather
493 EFP-2010-17-00470 Overseas Oil Trading Company (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
494 EFP-2010-18-00471 Ancon Engineers Karachi Manufacturing
495 EFP-2010-19-00472 SciLife Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
496 EFP-2010-20-00473 Karim Aziz Industries (Pvt.) Limited Hassan Abdal Manufacturing
497 EFP-2010-2-00455 Hybrid Technics (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
498 EFP-2010-21-00474 Magnum Management Solutions (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
499 EFP-2010-3-00456 BBN Energy (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Energy
500 EFP-2010-4-00457 College of Tourism and Hotel Management Lahore Service
501 EFP-2010-5-00458 De Gooder Shirkat Peshawar Food and Beverages
502 EFP-2010-6-00459 Friends Foundry (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Manufacturing
503 EFP-2010-7-00460 Ghani Glass Limited Lahore Manufacturing
504 EFP-2010-8-00461 International Polymer Industries (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Chemical
505 EFP-2010-9-00462 Institute of Leadership Development Karachi Service
506 EFP-2011-10-00484 Nexus Telecom (Pvt.) Limited Islamabad Service
507 EFP-2011-1-00475 A. J. Mirza Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
508 EFP-2011-2-00476 International Steels Limited Karachi Manufacturing
509 EFP-2011-3-00477 Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
510 EFP-2011-4-00478 Zealcon Engineering (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
511 EFP-2011-5-00479 Shezan International Limited Lahore Food and Beverages
512 EFP-2011-6-00480 U. G. Food Company (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
513 EFP-2011-7-00481 N. J. Auto Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
514 EFP-2011-8-00482 Gul Ahmed Energy Limited Karachi Energy
515 EFP-2011-9-00483 Talent Edge Consulting (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
516 EFP-2012-10-00494 National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
517 EFP-2012-1-00485 Inter Food Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
518 EFP-2012-11-00495 Young’s (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
519 EFP-2012-12-00496 PIQC Institute of Quality Karachi Service
520 EFP-2012-13-00497 S. R. Global (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi Service
521 EFP-2012-14-00498 Union Soap Factory Sahiwal Chemical
522 EFP-2012-15-00499 Port Services Limited Sialkot Service
523 EFP-2012-16-00500 Fico Electric (Pvt.) Limited Gujranwala Manufacturing
524 EFP-2012-17-00501 Paksons (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
525 EFP-2012-18-00502 Seatrade Group of Companies Karachi Service
526 EFP-2012-19-00503 Sitara Peroxide Limited Faisalabad Chemical
527 EFP-2012-20-00504 Sahiwal Petroleum Dealers Association Sahiwal Association
528 EFP-2012-2-00486 Aman Institute of Vocational Training Karachi Service
529 EFP-2012-21-00505 Auto Workshop Association Sahiwal Association
530 EFP-2012-22-00591 Zain Packaging Industries Karachi Service
531 EFP-2012-23-00599 Small Industries Welfare Association Sahiwal Association
532 EFP-2012-24-00630 Millat Equipment Limited Lahore Manufacturing
533 EFP-2012-3-00487 Bilal Enterprise Karachi Service
534 EFP-2012-4-00488 Daiko Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited Sialkot Textile
535 EFP-2012-5-00489 Fraz Enterprises Sialkot Rubber, Plastic and Leather
536 EFP-2012-6-00490 Insiyabi Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
537 EFP-2012-7-00491 Pak Qatar Family Takaful Limited Karachi Service
538 EFP-2012-8-00492 Shadab & Co. Karachi Service
539 EFP-2012-9-00493 W. Brothers Gujranwala Textile
540 EFP-2013-10-00515 United Energy Pakistan Limited Karachi Energy
541 EFP-2013-1-00506 Aisha Steel Mills Limited Karachi Manufacturing
542 EFP-2013-11-00516 Phedra Industries Pvt Ltd Sialkot Rubber, Plastic and Leather
543 EFP-2013-12-00604 Regent Plaza hotel & Convention Centre Karachi Service
544 EFP-2013-18-00612 Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Lahore Association
545 EFP-2013-2-00507 Al Hadeed Indutries Karachi Manufacturing
546 EFP-2013-3-00508 Apollo Telecom (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
547 EFP-2013-4-00509 Child & Social Development Organization Sialkot Service
548 EFP-2013-5-00510 Consult Usmani Karachi Service
549 EFP-2013-6-00511 Grief Flexibles Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
550 EFP-2013-7-00512 State Bank of Pakistan Karachi Service
551 EFP-2013-8-00513 Sustainable Business Solutions Lahore Service
552 EFP-2013-9-00514 Mohsan Surgicals Sialkot Service
553 EFP-2014-10-00609 Emirates Supply Chain Services (Pvt.) Ltd Lahore Service
554 EFP-2014-1-00517 Wisdom Communication Islamabad Service
555 EFP-2014-11-00611 Industrial Clothings (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
556 EFP-2014-2-00518 Lucky Transformer (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Service
557 EFP-2014-3-00519 DHL Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
558 EFP-2014-4-00520 Gem Tek Associates Lahore Service
559 EFP-2014-5-00521 Movenpick Hotel Karachi Service
560 EFP-2014-6-00522 DON Valley Pharmaceuticals Lahore Pharmaceutical
561 EFP-2014-7-00523 IKAN Engineering Services (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Service
562 EFP-2014-8-00588 PAXAR Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
563 EFP-2014-9-00589 Mansol Manpower Solutions Lahore Service
564 EFP-2015-1-00524 Allied Oils (Private) Limited Lahore Energy
565 EFP-2015-2-00525 Aries Pharmaceutical (Pvt.) Limited Peshawar Pharmaceutical
566 EFP-2015-3-00526 Super Compounds Limited Karachi Chemical
567 EFP-2015-4-00527 BASF Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Karachi Chemical
568 EFP-2015-5-00528 New Horizon Computer Karachi Service
569 EFP-2016-10-00538 Pakistan Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
570 EFP-2016-1-00529 Bakri Trading Company Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
571 EFP-2016-11-00539 Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Textile
572 EFP-2016-12-00540 Fazal Paper Mills (Pvt.) Limited Okara Service
573 EFP-2016-13-00541 Borjan (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Service
574 EFP-2016-14-00542 Bari Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
575 EFP-2016-15-00543 Gulf Constructor (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
576 EFP-2016-16-00544 MIMAKNIT (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
577 EFP-2016-17-00545 Four Brothers Group Pakistan Lahore Service
578 EFP-2016-18-00546 EFU Life Assurance Limited Karachi Service
579 EFP-2016-19-00547 Naveena Export Limited Karachi Textile
580 EFP-2016-20-00548 Aspin Pharma Karachi Pharmaceutical
581 EFP-2016-2-00530 Bank of Azad Jamu Kashmir AJK Service
582 EFP-2016-21-00549 Ontex Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
583 EFP-2016-22-00550 Genix Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
584 EFP-2016-23-00551 Oxford University Press Karachi Service
585 EFP-2016-24-00552 Agility Logistics (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
586 EFP-2016-25-00553 Credit & Commerce Consultants (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
587 EFP-2016-26-00554 Pak China Investment Company Islamabad Service
588 EFP-2016-27-00555 Sorobanc Consultation Karachi Service
589 EFP-2016-28-00556 Skill Development Council – Karachi Karachi Service
590 EFP-2016-29-00557 K. N. International Islamabad Service
591 EFP-2016-30-00558 Crown Hotel Islamabad Service
592 EFP-2016-3-00531 Jinnah University for Women Karachi Service
593 EFP-2016-31-00559 Macter International Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
594 EFP-2016-32-00560 Hub Pak Slat Refinery Karachi Manufacturing
595 EFP-2016-33-00561 Tabros Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
596 EFP-2016-34-00562 Roshan Packages (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Service
597 EFP-2016-35-00563 Recorder Television Network (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
598 EFP-2016-36-00564 Pak Iron Steel & Casting Islamabad Manufacturing
599 EFP-2016-37-00565 ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited Karachi Service
600 EFP-2016-38-00566 National Institute of Arts & Mat Scienses Karachi Service
601 EFP-2016-39-00567 Model Steel Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
602 EFP-2016-40-00568 Karachi Lubricants (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Energy
603 EFP-2016-4-00532 Matrix Pharma (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
604 EFP-2016-41-00569 K. H. Fama Textile Processing (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
605 EFP-2016-42-00570 Viftech Solutions Karachi Service
606 EFP-2016-43-00586 F. B. Area Association of Trade and Industry Karachi Association
607 EFP-2016-44-00594 Towel Manufacturers Association of Pakistan Karachi Association
608 EFP-2016-45-00632 Trade Testing Education Council Abbottabad Association
609 EFP-2016-5-00533 PICIC Insurance Limited Karachi Service
610 EFP-2016-6-00534 U. M. Enterprises Karachi Pharmaceutical
611 EFP-2016-7-00535 Bahria University Karachi Campus Karachi Service
612 EFP-2016-8-00536 Sargodhian Sprit Trust Public School Rashidabad Service
613 EFP-2016-9-00537 Meezan Bank Limited Karachi Service
614 EFP-2017-10-00580 A2Z Commercial & Business Link (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
615 EFP-2017-1-00571 ATS Enterprises Rawalpindi Service
616 EFP-2017-11-00581 Muhammad Yousuf Iqbal Ahmed Karachi Manufacturing
617 EFP-2017-12-00582 South Asia Pakistan Terminals Limited Karachi Service
618 EFP-2017-13-00583 Shahbaz Garments (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
619 EFP-2017-14-00584 Chenab Limited Faisalabad Textile
620 EFP-2017-15-00592 Multinational Export Bureau Karachi Textile
621 EFP-2017-16-00593 Khawaja Cotton Industries Faisalabad Textile
622 EFP-2017-17-00600 Lucky Knits (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
623 EFP-2017-18-00608 Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Karachi Service
624 EFP-2017-19-00619 Shoaibee Industries Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
625 EFP-2017-20-00622 Cibex (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
626 EFP-2017-2-00572 SK Stones Private Limited Islamabad Manufacturing
627 EFP-2017-21-00633 Bin Qasim Association of Trade & Industry (BQATI) Karachi Association
628 EFP-2017-22-00634 S.I.T.E. Superhighway Association of Industry Karachi Karachi Association
629 EFP-2017-23-00635 North Karachi Association Of Trade and Industries Karachi Association
630 EFP-2017-24-00636 Korangi Association of Trade & Industries Karachi Association
631 EFP-2017-25-00637 One Security Karachi Service
632 EFP-2017-26-00638 Landhi Association of Trade & Industries Karachi Association
633 EFP-2017-27-00639 Texmark Karachi Textile
634 EFP-2017-28-00640 Hi-Tech Packages Karachi Service
635 EFP-2017-29-00641 Delta Apparels (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
636 EFP-2017-30-00642 Hascol Petroleum Limited Karachi Energy
637 EFP-2017-3-00573 Aruj Industries Limited Lahore Textile
638 EFP-2017-31-00643 Pearl Embroidery (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Textile
639 EFP-2017-32-00644 Noor Leather Garments (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
640 EFP-2017-33-00645 Dolmen Real Estate Management (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
641 EFP-2017-34-00646 Afeef Zara Packages Limited Karachi Manufacturing
642 EFP-2017-35-00647 Quick Food Industries (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
643 EFP-2017-36-00648 Niagara Mills (Pvt.) Limited Faisalabad Textile
644 EFP-2017-37-00649 Bin Qutab International (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Service
645 EFP-2017-37-00650 Samira Fabrics (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Manufacturing
646 EFP-2017-39-00651 Johan (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Pharmaceutical
647 EFP-2017-40-00652 Arif Habib Commodities Karachi Service
648 EFP-2017-4-00574 Azhar Corporation (Pvt.) Limited Faisalabad Chemical
649 EFP-2017-41-00653 A & J Apparel (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
650 EFP-2017-42-00654 Good Luck Industries Karachi Manufacturing
651 EFP-2017-43-00655 Afeef Packages (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
652 EFP-2017-44-00656 Clipsal Pakistan Karachi Service
653 EFP-2017-45-00657 Shahzadi Industries Karachi Manufacturing
654 EFP-2017-46-00658 Pak Petro Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi Rubber, Plastic and Leather
655 EFP-2017-47-00659 Popular Fabrics Limited Karachi Textile
656 EFP-2017-48-00660 Mehboob Re-Rolling Mills Karachi Manufacturing
657 EFP-2017-49-00661 Khaadi Karachi Textile
658 EFP-2017-50-00662 United Box Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Manufacturing
659 EFP-2017-5-00575 Diamond Paint Industries (Pvt.) Limited Lahore Chemical
660 EFP-2017-51-00663 All Pakistan Security Agencies Association (APSAA) Karachi Association
661 EFP-2017-52-00664 Jubilee Textile Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Faisalabad Textile
662 EFP-2017-53-00665 Fahad Al-Hassan Karachi Textile
663 EFP-2017-54-00666 Hillcrest Solutions (Private) Limited Islamabad Service
664 EFP-2017-55-00667 Chase Department Store Karachi Service
665 EFP-2017-56-00668 Master Motor Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Karachi Manufacturing
666 EFP-2017-57-00669 SRC Pvt Ltd Lahore Chemical
667 EFP-2017-58-00670 Zahra Industries Karachi Manufacturing
668 EFP-2017-59-00671 United King Foods (Pvt.) Ltd Karachi Food and Beverages
669 EFP-2017-60-00672 Global Environment Management Services (Pvt.) Ltd Karachi  
670 EFP-2017-6-00576 Gatron Industries Limited Hub Rubber, Plastic and Leather
671 EFP-2017-61-00673 21st Century Real Estate Karachi Service
672 EFP-2017-62-00674 Hi-Tech Oil & Ghee Mills (Pvt) Ltd Jamshoro Food and Beverages
673 EFP-2017-63-00675 Hyderabad S.I.T.E. Association Of Trade & Industry Hyderabad Association
674 EFP-2017-64-00676 Engro Fertilizers Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
675 EFP-2017-65-00677 Chenab Engineering Works & Foundries (Pvt) Ltd Faisalabad Manufacturing
676 EFP-2017-66-00678 Unibro Industries Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
677 EFP-2017-67-00679 Damco Pakistan Private Limited Karachi Service
678 EFP-2017-68-00680 Highway’s Creation (PVT) LTD Karachi Manufacturing
679 EFP-2017-69-00681 United King   Food and Beverages
680 EFP-2017-70-00682 M Nazam Edible Oil Industries (PVT) LTD Bahawalpur Manufacturing
681 EFP-2017-7-00577 Skill Development Council – Islamabad Islamabad Service
682 EFP-2017-8-00578 HR Excellence (Pvt.) Limited Karachi Service
683 EFP-2017-9-00579 Victory Pipe Islamabad Rubber, Plastic and Leather
684 EFP-2018-10-00692 Muhammad Shafi Tanneries (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
685 EFP-2018-1-00683 New Mahad Construction Co. Karachi Service
686 EFP-2018-11-00693 The Rawalpindi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Rawalpindi Association
687 EFP-2018-12-00694 Siraat Outsourcing (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
688 EFP-2018-13-00695 Corporate Business Partnerz Pvt Ltd Karachi Service
689 EFP-2018-14-00696 Soorty Enterprises Pvt Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
690 EFP-2018-15-00697 Artistic Milliners Pvt Ltd Karachi Textile
691 EFP-2018-16-00698 City Poly Technic Institute & College Of Management Sciences Nowshera Service
692 EFP-2018-17-00699 The Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry Faisalabad Association
693 EFP-2018-18-00700 Ismail Industries Limited Karachi Food and Beverages
694 EFP-2018-19-00701 New Seven Star Sizing Industries Faisalabad Textile
695 EFP-2018-20-00702 Shirazi Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
696 EFP-2018-2-00684 Fulcrum (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
697 EFP-2018-21-00703 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited Karachi Service
698 EFP-2018-22-00704 Basic Education And Employable Skills Training Pakistan Peshawar Service
699 EFP-2018-23-00705 Affaq Corporation Lahore Manufacturing
700 EFP-2018-24-00706 Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd Karachi Textile
701 EFP-2018-25-00707 Human Resource Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
702 EFP-2018-26-00708 Yunus Textile Mills Ltd Karachi Textile
703 EFP-2018-27-00709 HMW Associates Lahore Service
704 EFP-2018-28-00710 Fervour Institute Karachi Service
705 EFP-2018-29-00711 Aziz Law Associates Karachi Service
706 EFP-2018-30-00712 E-Square Services (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
707 EFP-2018-3-00685 Skill Development Council (SDC) Peshawar Peshawar Service
708 EFP-2018-31-00713 Hyderabad Chambers Of Commerce & Industry Hyderabad Association
709 EFP-2018-32-00714 Anzo Chemicals Karachi Chemical
710 EFP-2018-33-00715 Prime Human Resource Services (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
711 EFP-2018-34-00716 Darson Industries (Pvt) Ltd Wazirabad Manufacturing
712 EFP-2018-35-00717 Ashraf Flour Mills (Pvt) Ltd Peshawar Food and Beverages
713 EFP-2018-36-00719 Bryon Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd Peshawar Pharmaceutical
714 EFP-2018-37-00720 Al-Mustafa Fashion Apparel Karachi Textile
715 EFP-2018-38-00721 Inland Employment Services (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
716 EFP-2018-39-00722 Occasions, Event Planners & Organizers Karachi Service
717 EFP-2018-40-00723 Ehtesham Packages (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
718 EFP-2018-4-00686 Kotri Association Of Trade & Industry Kotri Association
719 EFP-2018-41-00724 Pakistan Gum & Chemicals Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
720 EFP-2018-5-00687 Buksh Industries (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Textile
721 EFP-2018-6-00688 All Pakistan Manpower Outsourcing Association Karachi Association
722 EFP-2018-7-00689 Sana Industries Ltd Karachi Textile
723 EFP-2018-8-00690 Nasib & Co (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
724 EFP-2018-9-00691 Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Textile
725 EFP-2019-10-00734 Phoenix Safety Consultants (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
726 EFP-2019-1-00725 FFB Law Associates Karachi Service
727 EFP-2019-11-00735 German Healthcare Industries (Pvt) Ltd Sialkot Manufacturing
728 EFP-2019-12-00736 Daehan Dewan Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
729 EFP-2019-13-00737 Takaful Pakistan Ltd Karachi Service
730 EFP-2019-14-00738 Integrated Textiles Network Karachi Textile
731 EFP-2019-15-00739 Gum Corporation (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
732 EFP-2019-16-00740 Medics Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Pharmaceutical
733 EFP-2019-17-00741 Terry Tex International Karachi Manufacturing
734 EFP-2019-18-00742 United Vinyl Industries Lahore Manufacturing
735 EFP-2019-19-00743 Pakistan Metal Finishing Center Lahore Manufacturing
736 EFP-2019-20-00744 Islamabad Industrial Association Islamabad Association
737 EFP-2019-2-00726 Universal Cable Industries Limited Karachi Manufacturing
738 EFP-2019-21-00745 Islamabad Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Islamabad Association
739 EFP-2019-22-00746 Vision Technologies Corporation (Pvt) Ltd Sialkot Manufacturing
740 EFP-2019-23-00747 Kirthar Pakistan B.V.(Subsidiary of KUFPEC) Islamabad Energy
741 EFP-2019-24-00748 Automotive Components Ltd Lahore Manufacturing
742 EFP-2019-25-00749 Skill Professional Trade Testing Council Lahore Service
743 EFP-2019-26-00750 M.A. Advisory Consultancy And Training Services Lahore Service
744 EFP-2019-27-00751 Plaspack Lahore Rubber, Plastic and Leather
745 EFP-2019-28-00752 Naveena Exports Ltd Karachi Textile
746 EFP-2019-29-00753 PCI Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
747 EFP-2019-30-00754 Dawlance Karachi Manufacturing
748 EFP-2019-3-00727 Sadaqat Limited Faisalabad Textile
749 EFP-2019-31-00755 Ittehad Textile Industries (Pvt.) Ltd Faisalabad Textile
750 EFP-2019-32-00756 J.K. Spinning Mills Ltd Faisalabad Textile
751 EFP-2019-33-00757 NAVA Human Resource Services (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
752 EFP-2019-34-00758 Haroon Dugal Law Chamber Lahore Service
753 EFP-2019-35-00759 Procon Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
754 EFP-2019-36-00760 Continental Biscuits Ltd Karachi Food and Beverages
755 EFP-2019-37-00761 Hamdard University Karachi Service
756 EFP-2019-38-00762 Al-Huda Plastics Karachi Manufacturing
757 EFP-2019-39-00763 Arzoo Textile Mills Ltd Faisalabad Textile
758 EFP-2019-40-00764 PIFFERS Sedulous Services (Pvt) Ltd Islamabad Service
759 EFP-2019-4-00728 Al-Meezan Investment Management Ltd Karachi Service
760 EFP-2019-41-00765 Enercon Systems International (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
761 EFP-2019-42-00766 S.I. Services (Pvt) Ltd Lahore Service
762 EFP-2019-43-00767 Chase Up Shopping City Karachi Service
763 EFP-2019-44-00768 Allied Rental Modaraba Karachi Service
764 EFP-2019-45-00769 Ideal Caterers & Decorators Karachi Service
765 EFP-2019-46-00770 Artistic Denim Mills Ltd Karachi Textile
766 EFP-2019-47-00771 Ask Development (Pvt) Ltd Islamabad Service
767 EFP-2019-48-00772 HCMS Global (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
768 EFP-2019-49-00773 HRFirst (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
769 EFP-2019-50-00774 Khawateen Rozgar Services Peshawar Service
770 EFP-2019-5-00729 Pakistan Gum & Chemical Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
771 EFP-2019-51-00775 HireLabs Inc Karachi Service
772 EFP-2019-6-00730 JOFA International Karachi Service
773 EFP-2019-7-00731 Mainstay Consulting (Pvt) Ltd Lahore Service
774 EFP-2019-8-00732 Human Capital HR Solutions Karachi Service
775 EFP-2019-9-00733 Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
776 EFP-2020-10-00785 NASA Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Chemical
777 EFP-2020-1-00776 The Voyages Karachi Service
778 EFP-2020-11-00786 MOFTAK Solutions Rawalpindi Service
779 EFP-2020-12-00787 Rajby Industries Karachi Manufacturing
780 EFP-2020-13-00788 Ghazi Brothers Karachi Pharmaceutical
781 EFP-2020-14-00789 Faran Sugar Mills Ltd Karachi Manufacturing
782 EFP-2020-15-00790 Millac Foos (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Food and Beverages
783 EFP-2020-16-00791 Pie In The Sky (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Food and Beverages
784 EFP-2020-17-00792 Pakistan Guarantee Export Corporation Ltd Lahore Service
785 EFP-2020-18-00793 KANGO Fitness Sialkot Manufacturing
786 EFP-2020-19-00794 Global Traders Islamabad Service
787 EFP-2020-2-00777 Bulk Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
788 EFP-2020-3-00778 Schazoo Zaka (Pvt) Ltd Sheikhupura Pharmaceutical
789 EFP-2020-4-00779 The Resources Expert (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Service
790 EFP-2020-5-00780 G.M Son’s (Pvt.) Ltd Karachi Service
791 EFP-2020-6-00781 Makson Packaging Co. (Pvt) Ltd Lahore Service
792 EFP-2020-7-00782 Telecard Limited Karachi Service
793 EFP-2020-8-00783 Jawa Pharmaceutcals (Pvt) Ltd Lahore Pharmaceutical
794 EFP-2020-9-00784 Ihsan Sons (Pvt) Ltd Karachi Manufacturing